Thursday 170928

Deadlift, 1 set x 2 reps, 7 sets x 3 reps @ 80% of 1RM
Complete a set every 1:15

Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes complete:
Odd min.:  Goat movement 1
Even min.: Goat movement 2

Note:  “Goat” is slang for a movement that challenges us. Examples: Double-Unders, Ring Dips, Overhead Squats. These are the best days to turn perceived “weaknesses” into “strengths.” Choose two “Goats” to work on, and we’ll alternate between them on each minute. Coaches will have great suggestions in class.

Boot Camp
Complete seven rounds
15 kettlebell swings
15 hammer curls
15 box jumps
*Run 200 meters after odd rounds

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CFYV Brief
Friday, September 29th, 10 am – Coach Matt’s Farewell WOD 
Matt is starting a new life journey, San Bernardino County Sheriff Academy.  Join the party at 10 am and help us send, soon to be Sheriff Brown,  off to academy!!!
Coffee and Donuts to follow workout!